Monday 24 June 2019

Willow Weaving Demonstrations

We are busy giving willow weaving demonstrations at shows throughout the country. Yesteday we were at Beetham Gardens near Kendal so it was a local event for us. We were in a lovely setting amongst the plants and we had an enjoyable day. Just wish a few more visitors had called in. Hopefully the event can be expanded next year. Earlier in the week we were at The Royal Cheshire Show for 2 days in the Countryside area. Our willow weaving demonstrations are very popular at this show and there was a good turnout despite the poor weather. It was nice to meet up with our other rural craftworker friends at the show. The next couple of shows for us are Woodfest Wales and The Game Fair at Hatfield. Before them we have 3 days of willow weaving demonstrations at Creative Crafts in the NEC, Birmingham. 2 more schools are having wishing trees for their classrooms.

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