Monday, 4 May 2009

Kendal Town Council's Illegal Eviction of Willow

Here is a good picture of a willow tunnel that we created years ago at Stramongate Primary School in Kendal. it has been very well maintained by the gardeners there.
Yesterday we began the sad task of ripping out all of our well-established willows at our allotment in Kendal. We have to do this because Kendal Town Council decided to evict us after 10 years of taking rent from us with no problems. We are upset and disgusted by the attitude of Kendal Town Council especially when part of the theme of Britain In Bloom this year is for biodiversity and sustainablility etc. The Allotment Commitee is made up of Kendal Town Councillors, who probably don't know one end of a spade from the other. There are no actual allotment holders involved in decision making.
As we were cutting out the willow stumps yesterday we met quite a few fellow allotmenteers. Every one of them were disgusted and surprised at our cruel eviction. The general opinion of Kendal Town Council was that it was full of self seeking morons who care little about the wishes and needs of the ordinary decent people who want to cultivate allotments.
We continue to believe that our evictions from our 2 allotments that we were allocated by South Lakes District Council for the express purpose of willow growing are illegal and unfair. We just don't have the time, money or energy to continue the fight against Kendal Town Council. I just hope that they do badly in this years Britain In Bloom!!
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