Friday, 15 January 2010


Despite the bad weather we have been able to carry out some Living Willow work this week. We repaired 3 ten year old arbours that we had built as part of Sefton Living Shade all those years ago. The arbours had not been looked after properly and required some severe pruning to get them back into shape. This was at Hudson Primary School in Maghul, nr Liverpool and the day was cold and snowy!
The second job was at St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Lidiate nr Liverpool. We made a willow dome with help from the pupils in years 4, 5 & 6. We had to scrape the snow away from the site on the school field but it was a much milder, thawing day and the sun even appeared just as we were completing the dome. The staff and pupils were very happy with their new outdoor 'classroom' and have already recommended us to a couple of other schools in the area.

We still have some free dates in March and early April if any schools are considering have some living willow work.

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