Saturday, 13 March 2010

Busy Willow Week

we have had another busy week. Monday and Tuesday saw us at St Lawrence's Primary School, Molesey near Hampton Court. We built a large twigloo with tunnel and an arch entrance to part of their new eco area. The school already has some nice outdoor features such as a gazebo and recycled plastic benches and they will soon be adding a picket fence and fruit trees.
On Wednesday and Thursday we were at a local school here in Cumbria at the village of Holme. The children enjoyed helping to construct a twigloo, especially making the planting holes. It was great to work locally and be able to get to our new willow beds to plant more cuttings in the early evening. The willow beds are looking great now with some more of the roadside trees cut down to let more light in. Last years plantings have about 6 foot of growth so have done really well with no signs of deer or rabbit damage, which is a relief as the beds are in a very rural location.
On Friday Steve went to Holy Cross Catholic Primary in Liverpool city centre. This is a lovely small school tucked away beneath John Moore's University and has very little green space. Willow is being planted to try to transform the area. The children from the nursery helped Steve to build a small lving willow den and enjoyed filling the planting holes with compost
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